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Is there an area of your life where you'd like to be more boldly free & expressive?
Do you struggle to find the words and/or do you stifle your truth?

Conjure the courage to be seen & heard for who you really are.
Show up and spill your truth without apprehension, shame, or apology.

Communicate your needs without apologizing or feeling needy.
Learn to communicate your strength & vulnerability without compromising your power.

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Is your typical approach to confrontation a fight-or-flight response?
Do you get confused by what's yours and what's not when faced with conflict?

Divorce the drama and know your deepest truths.
Summon the power (and the words) even when you're angry or deeply triggered.

Get results and stop the cycles of drama in your life.
Get to the heart of any issue without pointing fingers or needless processing.

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Are you sometimes afraid to speak up for fear of being challenged or offending others?
Do you sometimes shut down when interacting with strong personalities?

Become your own advocate and express yourself more boldly.
Find the voice and vehicle to
risk expression even when you feel stuck or tongue-tied.

Learn how to be an open-minded badass without being a cold-hearted bitch.
The truth doesn't have to hurt. Delivery is everything. Speak and own your desires without all the shame.

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Are you a person others come to for support and empathy?
Do you often take on too much of what's not yours?

Use your empathic gifts to listen & support without ownership.
Gain mastery in your innate sensitivities and learn how they can actually help you create boundaries.

Get clear on what's yours, and what's not.
Own your tendency to want to save others. Learn why it's there & explore supportive alternatives.

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Is there a discrepancy between your inner and outer worlds?
Do you feel misunderstood by the people around you?

Connect with authentic, like-hearted women who "get" you.
All levels of TribeNectar membership promise 24/7 access to community support.

Practice shameless sharing and truth-telling in a safe container.
Regularly witness and allow your truth to spill without fear, shame, and judgment.

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Juicy master classes delivered to your inbox. Guest Contributors.
24/7 access to online group coaching.

Become a confident & courageous expressionista.
Insights absolutely guaranteed.
View the complete course syllabus for more details.

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